Well, for starters we had to say goodbye to some of our beautiful seniors. As hard as it was, we knew we had to let them go into the real world and be hardworking and successful individuals and what not. And now we'd like to share a few words with each of them, wishing them all the luck in the world. 

           To Emily Holland:
Emily absolutely dominated this year, in every aspect, and words cannot even begin to describe how grateful we are for everything she has done for Voicestream. She worked tremendously hard, fulfilling every duty as president and then some, almost always with a smile on her face. Emily is effervescent, intelligent, caring, and dedicated and we will miss her colossally. 

To Zoee Silber:
Zoee has brought countless smiles to each and every member of Voicestream, not only through her clever posts on all ICVS social media, but through her general presence. She works so hard and has absolutely nailed every song put in front of her, solo or not. We are incredibly sad to let you go, Zoee, but you always have a place with this family. Kick ass in the real human world!   

To Aimee Rizzo: 
First off: Wow. This girl is such a hard worker. She puts her all into anything and everything Voicestream does, and makes the best out of every situation life hands her. She is incredibly sweet, talented, smart, and funny, and we know she is off to do amazing things in the world. We'll miss you so much, Rizz! (And I feel like I haven't thanked you enough for these either, so I'll just go ahead and say, damn... seriously your Oreo Truffles are amazing). 


We have elected our new board and non-board positions and they are as follows! Congrats, everyone!
Board positions

President: Drew Kellogg '14

Vice President: Kevin Cavanagh '15

Secretary: Sara Sciarrino '15

Treasurer: Namarah McCall '15

Music Director: Matt Bailey-Adams '13

Non-board positions

Assistant Music Director: Namarah McCall '15

PR/Social Media: Dominique Saint Malo '16

Multimedia Coordinators: Robyn Schmitz '15

                                         Ethan Fletcher '16

Advertising: Drew Zieff '14


We have also suggested our songs for Block I next year! And I'd like to promise you right here and now that you won't be disappointed!

Yeah, I guess you could say next year is gonna be a great year!

As they say: "Gzat gzoh."

The Ladies and Gents of ICVS are attempting to raise money to fund a BRAND NEW CD!

This year, IC Voicestream has been hard at work doing everything from touring, to learning a ton of new music, to putting on some KILLER Block Concerts! And for all this hard work, we want to produce even more! This is why we've decided to record a brand-new album to be released in Spring of 2013!

We want to capture the spirit of our group, a fun, energetic group of singers who see a cappella, and VoiceStream specifically, as an outlet for creative expression. We're primarily non-music majors, but we see VoiceStream as a way for us to continue making the music we love and ensuring that singing remains an important part of our lives. If you're not familiar with ICVS yet, go to our website and check out the latest YouTube videos – we're really excited about what do, and have a good time doing it!

Want to know what you're getting with this CD?

Here it is: 

- You and I (Lady Gaga)- Emily Holland
- Not Over You (Gavin DeGraw)- Matt Bailey- Adams
- Slide (the Goo Goo Dolls)- Drew Zieff
- Love the Way You Lie Pt.2 (Rihanna/Eminem)- Aimee Rizzo/ Kevin Cavanagh
- My Body (Young the Giant)- K.C. Weston
- Give Me Love (Ed Sheeran)- Ethan Fletcher 
- Paris Oh La La (Grace Potter and the Nocturnals)- Robyn Schmitz 
- Paper Bag (Fiona Apple)- Kevin Cavanagh 
- Death By Chocolate (Sia)- Zoee Silber 
- Fix You (ColdPlay), Choral Arrangement by Matt Bailey- Adams

If this doesn't prove this album to be one powerful record, we don't know what will! We have fantastic arrangements, fantastic songs, fantastic soloists-we've got everything except the funds we need to make this all a reality! And we're already hard at work recording it!

We’re getting excited to embark on the next steps of the album production process, including editing, mixing, mastering, and printing the physical copies of the CD. In order to successfully meet our goal of having the album finalized by the end of the Fall semester of 2013 to release it in the Spring, we must generate the funds necessary to finance the final steps of this process. We need funding upfront, during the album production process, to pay for the various services necessary to complete the songs on the CD and make them sound as amazing as they can. 

We would love your help in this process of financing the CD. The easiest way that you can help out is by buying the album now – pre-ordering it so that when it’s released, you'll already have your copy on its way to you in the mail. We've got a TON of perks in the sidebar, there: not only do you have the chance to pre-order our CD (which on a basic level is $15), but if you're willing to donate a bit extra, we have lots of incentives for you to do so! Frankly, anything you decide to give will help us, and we're not kidding about the undying love down there. IC Voicestream has always been greatly supported by our family, friends, and alumni- and you've all made us better for it. You all are the reason why we try to do as much as we do, and we promise this album will blow your socks off!

We can't thank you ENOUGH for your continued generosity and consideration!

Love and thanks for ever(long), 

IC VoiceStream

If you've seen Pitch Perfect, you've seen just about 0.01% of what it's like being a part of a college a cappella group. Let's be real. We're hella obsessed with each other, spend way too much time together, and it's been more I'd ever hoped for as a wee prospective student, listening to a tour guide rattle on about being in a group that made beats with their mouths. 

Now I am that annoying tour guide, and ICVS has been my family since freshman year. So I can tell you, it hurts like hell whenever we lose someone to that looming, scary thing everyone calls Graduation. And this Fall of 2012, we watched another one of our gems nail Ithaca College. Casey Thomas, one of the most fantastic human beings I know, sang a beautiful senior solo, finished her semester, and received that paper college is all about. Casey was our oldest member, and sat in on my audition, which is crazy to think about. Am I really supposed to be the only KC in Voicestream now? C'mon, Son. I've gotten the chance to watch this lady get wild while enthusiatically acabopping, sing her heart out (Not Ready to Make Nice? Damn, girl.) and consistently be a positive force both in practice and outside of it. 

From all of ICVS, Congrats, Casey!  
Sucks to see anyone go, but it'll be great to see where you end up. And we all know it'll be fabulous.

Friends! Folks! Design Geeks everywhere! We know how much you've come to love our logo, but ICVS is now looking for a bit of an update! If you fancy yourself a of those creative, crafty individual, then head on over to lé Photoshop, and show us what you've got. 

Email your ideas (.png or. eps format) to voicestream@ithaca.edu and we'll pick a winner!

Winner Gets:
ALL ICVS Merchandise with the new logo,
Reserved seating for themselves and up to 3 friends at future ICVS Block Concerts,
Some awesome ICVS CDs ("Hit the Beat" and "Acapocalypse"),
Our love (forever),
Bragging rights,
Instant fame (shout out at our next concert).

General Guidelines:
Include ' IC Voicestream'
Should use our 'Voicestream mouth'
Red, white and black color scheme

Deadline--Wednesday, November 14
Email logos to: voicestream@ithaca.edu

ICVS's Block One this year turned out to be one of the best shows we've ever had! Not only did we have a great turnout, but our sound and light was incredible thanks to our lovely technicians. It's possibly the most prepared and excited we've ever felt for a show, and we are extremely proud of how it turned out. 

The University of Vermont's Hit Paws joined us as a fantastic opener and an awesome group of people that we were lucky to meet and even happier to hang out with! They opened with the show with a couple songs, and then we were on our way!

We also debuted our NINE new members at this show, all of whom did a GREAT job, considering it was their first block concert ever! We're incredibly excited for them (and proud of them!), and can't wait to get to Block 2! 

Video of Block 1 is on its way, so keep watch over our YouTube channels, and pictures of the show will be up on the website as well. See you soon! 


ICVS has been having a lot of fun gigging at various Ithaca events! 

Last Tuesday we performed for IC Up Till Dawn's "Birthday Bash", a benefit dedicated towards a letter-writing fundraiser for the St. Jude's Childrens Hospital, which was a great time and opportunity. Also, there was a bouncy castle? Nailed it. #inittowinit

Then this Saturday, we performed at the ever- awesome Ithaca Apple Harvest Festival, where everything was delightful and apple-y and fantastic. Our friends at WICB were nice enough to announce us, and we did 4 of our older songs, Slide by the Goo Goo Dolls, My Body by Young the Giant, Settle Down by Kimbra, Everlong by the Foo Fighters (our alumni song) and Love You Madly by Cake. 

If you want to hear any of those songs, definitely look at our video section on-site, or our YouTube channel, youtube.com/icvoicestream. 

To hear our NEWEST stuff, make sure to put our Block 1 concert (October 27th! 7.30!) on your calendar. It's Halloweekend. Tell me you're not excited. 

WE ARE! See you then! 

*Photo Credit to Sam Mason! 



IC Voicestream is super super happy to accept the following NEW MEMBERS: 

Sara Sciarrino
Dominique Saint Maio 
Robyn Schmitz
Allison Kubit 

Justin Kasian 
Ian Stone 
Ian Slatias
Ethan Fletcher 
Josh Rollin

To all of our new members, see you Thursday at 8, and look out for an email with deetz! 

To ALL of our callback friends, you were ABSOLUTELY phenomenal, all of you, and really gave us a rough time attempting to choose! Please please please come back to try out again, because we loved each and every one of you!


Yo Guys! 

This has been the MOST INCREDIBLE turnout for auditions ever! After hearing over 90 of you today, we're overwhelmed by your support and awesome attitudes! And then on top of that, you all did phenomenal jobs, and made our job a helluva lot harder! 

Unfortunately we DO have to pick just a couple people to bring back for callbacks, and we've decided on the following people: 


Justin Kasian                     Ethan Fletcher
Ian Slatias                         Sean Themea
Ian Stone                           Lucas Cognetti
Stephen Burns                   Ben Friedlander 
Sam Lloyd                         Imani Hall
Max Wenberg                    Josh Rollin


Sara Sciarrino                   Narimah White
Dominique Saint Maio        Colleen Feeney
Maddy Clark                      Alyce Daubenspeck
Emily Beseau                    Allison Kubit 
Robyn Schmitz                  Brooke LeWinter

Please be ready to go at 6.30 pm TODAY in the same room you auditioned in (Whalen 3302)! Expect to be around until about 8.30 pm, and bring a water bottle! If things change, just email Voicestream@ithaca.edu, and someone will get to you ASAP!

If your name isn't on this list, please please please don't hesitate to try out again at our mid-year auditions! We love you all very much, and thanks again for coming out! 

IC Voicestream auditions are finally here! 

Sign-up week has made us all very, very, very excited to hear all of your beautiful voices on Sunday! 
There are still a couple slots left, but they're going very quickly, so make to sure to email us and respond to those emails as quickly as possible! 

Auditions will be held in Whalen 3302! Please be there around 10 minutes before your audition time so you can fill out the audition forms we'll have out, and so that we can take a quick picture of you before you sing for us!

You have NO IDEA how pumped we are for this! Any questions can run directly to Voicestream@ithaca.edu and/or Facebook.com/icvoicestream!


Hey Guys! 

Welcome to IC Voicestream's web page! 

Please please feel free to check out all of our updated Block Four concert videos, which were recently put up, and can be found right above in a tab for video. Block Four was one of our best concerts yet, and although we said goodbye to phenomenal members of our family (love you guys!), we're working even harder to make next semester awesome! 

ICVS will also be holding auditions early Fall 2012, so get ready, because they're bound to be a lot of fun! 

See you guys soon! 

    About Us!

    IC VoiceStream is Ithaca College's premier coed a cappella group. We perform strictly contemporary pop and rock music and are generally awesome.


    3. 23. 2013
    ICVS Block THREE Concert! 
    7.30, Emerson Suites

    4. 27. 2013
    ICVS Block FOUR Concert! 
    Alumni Weekend/Senior Show
    7.30, Emerson Suites

    Get in Touch!

    Need to contact ICVS? Shoot us an e-mail at icvoicestream@gmail.com

    Board 2013

    Drew Kellogg '14

    Vice President
    Kevin Cavanagh '15
    Music Director
    Matt Bailey-Adams '13

    Sara Sciarrino '15

    Namarah McCall '15

    Drew Zieff '14
    Social Media
    Dominique Saint Malo '16

    Robyn Schmitz '15
    Ethan Fletcher '16


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