OUR FIRST CONCERT OF THE YEAR WILL BE THIS WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 6th!We've been working really hard on some new tunes for you all, so come check em out!  The show starts at 7:30 PM and is in Emerson Suites.Also, be sure to check out Premium Blend's Block I Concert this Sunday, October 3rd, for some all-female a cappella greatness.

And last but not least, we will be opening up for Ithacappella's Block I Concert, which is Friday, October 8th.

Congratulations to our new members!

GIRLS                                       GUYS
KC Weston                                Matt Bailey-Adams
Katie Pfeiffer                             John Vogan                                     
Emily Holland                            Drew Kellog
Aimee Rizzo                              Shawn Brown

This was not an easy process and we had to make a lot of really hard decisions.  We want to thank everyone that came out today, we saw an immense amount of talent.  For those of you that did not make it, we strongly encourage you to audition again mid-year!!


Hey.  So we're in the process of rolling out this new site.  Hopefully within the next few weeks it will be fully up and running (and actually useful).  As you may or may not know, for the past year or two we've had a poor excuse of a web presence... but we're working on it.  In the mean time, we've got tons of videos on YouTube for you to check out.  Brah.
IC VoiceStream will be hosting auditions for new members on Saturday, September 4 and Sunday, September 5. We're looking for a lot of new members and are super excited to see what everyone's got! Contact IC VoiceStream at voicestream@ithaca.edu with any questions!

    About Us!

    IC VoiceStream is Ithaca College's premier coed a cappella group. We perform strictly contemporary pop and rock music and are generally awesome.


    3. 23. 2013
    ICVS Block THREE Concert! 
    7.30, Emerson Suites

    4. 27. 2013
    ICVS Block FOUR Concert! 
    Alumni Weekend/Senior Show
    7.30, Emerson Suites

    Get in Touch!

    Need to contact ICVS? Shoot us an e-mail at icvoicestream@gmail.com

    Board 2013

    Drew Kellogg '14

    Vice President
    Kevin Cavanagh '15
    Music Director
    Matt Bailey-Adams '13

    Sara Sciarrino '15

    Namarah McCall '15

    Drew Zieff '14
    Social Media
    Dominique Saint Malo '16

    Robyn Schmitz '15
    Ethan Fletcher '16


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