IC Voicestream is super super happy to accept the following NEW MEMBERS: 

Sara Sciarrino
Dominique Saint Maio 
Robyn Schmitz
Allison Kubit 

Justin Kasian 
Ian Stone 
Ian Slatias
Ethan Fletcher 
Josh Rollin

To all of our new members, see you Thursday at 8, and look out for an email with deetz! 

To ALL of our callback friends, you were ABSOLUTELY phenomenal, all of you, and really gave us a rough time attempting to choose! Please please please come back to try out again, because we loved each and every one of you!


Yo Guys! 

This has been the MOST INCREDIBLE turnout for auditions ever! After hearing over 90 of you today, we're overwhelmed by your support and awesome attitudes! And then on top of that, you all did phenomenal jobs, and made our job a helluva lot harder! 

Unfortunately we DO have to pick just a couple people to bring back for callbacks, and we've decided on the following people: 


Justin Kasian                     Ethan Fletcher
Ian Slatias                         Sean Themea
Ian Stone                           Lucas Cognetti
Stephen Burns                   Ben Friedlander 
Sam Lloyd                         Imani Hall
Max Wenberg                    Josh Rollin


Sara Sciarrino                   Narimah White
Dominique Saint Maio        Colleen Feeney
Maddy Clark                      Alyce Daubenspeck
Emily Beseau                    Allison Kubit 
Robyn Schmitz                  Brooke LeWinter

Please be ready to go at 6.30 pm TODAY in the same room you auditioned in (Whalen 3302)! Expect to be around until about 8.30 pm, and bring a water bottle! If things change, just email Voicestream@ithaca.edu, and someone will get to you ASAP!

If your name isn't on this list, please please please don't hesitate to try out again at our mid-year auditions! We love you all very much, and thanks again for coming out! 

IC Voicestream auditions are finally here! 

Sign-up week has made us all very, very, very excited to hear all of your beautiful voices on Sunday! 
There are still a couple slots left, but they're going very quickly, so make to sure to email us and respond to those emails as quickly as possible! 

Auditions will be held in Whalen 3302! Please be there around 10 minutes before your audition time so you can fill out the audition forms we'll have out, and so that we can take a quick picture of you before you sing for us!

You have NO IDEA how pumped we are for this! Any questions can run directly to Voicestream@ithaca.edu and/or Facebook.com/icvoicestream!



    About Us!

    IC VoiceStream is Ithaca College's premier coed a cappella group. We perform strictly contemporary pop and rock music and are generally awesome.


    3. 23. 2013
    ICVS Block THREE Concert! 
    7.30, Emerson Suites

    4. 27. 2013
    ICVS Block FOUR Concert! 
    Alumni Weekend/Senior Show
    7.30, Emerson Suites

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