Hey Guys! 

IC Voicestream is proud to have produced a brand-new, 10 track album, "Hit the Beat", that we are so so so so soooo excited about! It features most of the members of ICVS this year, which songs like Mercy by Duffy, Set Fire to the Rain by Adele, and so many more awesome songs! You can listen to a sample HERE, but even BETTER, you can buy it where it's available on iTunes and CDBaby

Thank you to everyone who had a hand in making this possible! We could not be prouder!
IC VoiceStream is pleased to announce the newest members of Ithaca College's premier coed a cappella group:

Kevin Cavanagh
Namarah McCall
Peter Quandt
Matthew Recio

We really appreciate everyone coming out today for auditions and for the call-back. We are grateful for your time, wowed by your talent, and hope that you come back and sing for us again next Fall. 

The four new members of ICVS will debut with our performance at Concert for a Cure in February!
So, we know everyone says this on every audition ever, but seriously, you folks brought your A game like we've never seen at any ICVS audition. Everyone did a really great job.

However, we had to make some selections on who to call back to hear more from. We have decided on the following singers:

Blaize Hall
Sam Kwan
Namarah McCall
Rebecca Saltzman
Robyn Schmitz

Kevin Cavanagh
Erik Jaworski
Peter Quandt
Matthew Recio
Josh Rollin
Robyn Schmitz
Paul Salazar

Please be ready to go (wait outside the room you auditioned in) at 4:00pm TODAY. Expect to stay until 5:15 (with an optional percussion circle from 5:15 until 5:30). And bring a water bottle! Email us at voicestream@ithaca.edu if things have changed for you, or call Adam Polaski, pre

If your name is not on this list, please consider auditioning again next year! We'll be taking sopranos and guys and are excited to hear everyone again!
It's been four years since IC VoiceStream has produced an album, but this year, we've been hard at work learning, mastering, and recording ten of our favorite songs for a new album. We want to capture the spirit of our group, a fun, energetic group of singers who see a cappella, and VoiceStream specifically, as an outlet for creative expression. We're primarily non-music majors, but we see VoiceStream as a way for us to continue making music and ensuring that singing remains an important part of our lives. If you're not familiar with ICVS yet, go to our website and check out the latest YouTube videos – they’re from our first concert in October! 

 This CD will feature IC VoiceStream performing some of our most recent and favorite songs, including songs by Guster, Mumford & SonsAdeleBob Dylan and Coldplay. We’ve been hard at work on the recording process of the album for the past month, and now we’re nearly finished. 

We’re getting excited to embark on the next steps of the album production process, including editing, mixing, mastering, and printing the physical copies of the CD. In order to successfully meet our goal of having the album completed and finalized by April 2012, we must generate the funds necessary to finance the final steps of this process. We need funding upfront, during the album production process, to pay for the various services necessary to complete the songs on the CD and make them sound as amazing as they can. 

 We would love your help in this process of financing the CD. The easiest way that you can help out is by buying the album now – pre-ordering it so that when it’s released in April, you’ll already have your copy on its way to you in the mail. Pre-order CDs are $15. If you’d prefer to pre-order the CD and make an additional contribution, we welcome your generosity and encourage you to consider donating to the CD production process; any amount at all — even the $15 from the pre-order of the album — will help our group reach its final goal.  

DONATE TO OUR KICKSTARTER HERE. It's an easy and convenient way to donate to ICVS with a debit or credit card!

 Thank you for your generosity and consideration. 

 Love and thanks for ever(long)

IC VoiceStream

In the last two weeks before summer vacation, our group rallied together to arrange, audition, learn, perform and record a new song by The Orion Experience, the awesome band behind "Obsessed With You," one of our most popular covers from Spring 2010. 

Check out the entire video here! The song's arranged by Andy Fry, beloved ICVS alum, and features John Vogan on the solo. We'll be performing this song next semester at our shows, so keep an ear out for it!
On Saturday, March 5 at 7:30pm, IC VoiceStream will perform a full concert in Emerson Suites. IC VoiceStream is Ithaca College's premier coed a cappella group, and we're debuting seven new songs!

Join us for a new slate of songs, including "Dog Days Are Over" by Florence + the Machine, "Little Lion Man" by Mumford & Sons, "Runaway Baby" by Bruno Mars and "Love the Way You Lie" by Rihanna and Eminem—plus old favorites! Steff Leal, Ithaca College and ICVS alum ('09), will be playing a set of music from her recently-released EP! Check out more from ICVS HERE at our website and more from Steff HERE

For more information, email us at voicestream@ithaca.edu!

We thank everyone who came to the call-back this afternoon for IC VoiceStream. We saw really talented singers and want everyone to know that their time and talent was appreciated. We would like to extend invitations into the group to the following singers:

Zoee Silber
Drew Zieff

Thank you so much to everyone who came out, and we strongly urge all of you to audition again for ICVS in the future. 

PS, our deep apologies for the late posting.
That's right, mid-year auditions for Ithaca College's premier co-ed a cappella group, IC VOICESTREAM are upon us! 

-SIGNUPS will be held at our table in the campus center the first week of classes: JANUARY 24-28 from 10 am to 3 pm! Come say hi and sign up for an audition slot!
-AUDITIONS will be held in time slots between 10 am and 2 pm on SUNDAY, JANUARY 30th!
-CALLBACKS will be the same day, from 3 pm to 5 pm! You won't need to prepare anything additional if you are called back.

What to know for auditions:
-Prepare a verse and chorus of any contemporary song (no broadway or classical, please!)
-Choose a song that showcases your voice, and just have fun with it! :)
-No need to sightread! (sigh of relief, I know!) 
-Prepare to stick around from 3 to 5 the same day if you get called back, and bring water! 

If you have any questions feel free to email the group at voicestream@ithaca.edu! And tell us you're coming over at the FACEBOOK EVENT. 

ICVS is working on a new CD for your listening pleasure...but here's the thing: We're the next best (well, worst) thing to being broke. So donate to our cause! Making a CD is expensive...we have to be all legal and buy the rights and stuff, and then we have to record everything, and then we have to get it all mixed and mastered and published and all THAT good stuff. Help make it easier on us! We've set up this super convenient Kickstarter Project page, where you can donate to us right from your credit or debit card. Or mail us a check! Visit the "DONATE!" page for more information!

If you help us out, you won't JUST get the satisfaction of allowing passionate kids share their work in a finely polished version...we'll also thank you in creative and rewarding ways!

- If you donate $15.00, you're ordering an advance copy of the CD, and we'll send one to you once it's completed (projected: March 2012)- If you donate $25.00, you're ordering an advance copy of the CD, and we'll thank you by listing you in the CD leaflet!- If you donate $100.00, you're ordering an advance copy of the CD and becoming an official IC VoiceStream sponsor! We'll publish your name, link and a message on our website, in the CD leaflet, and at our concerts!Check it All Out HERE!

OUR FIRST CONCERT OF THE YEAR WILL BE THIS WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 6th!We've been working really hard on some new tunes for you all, so come check em out!  The show starts at 7:30 PM and is in Emerson Suites.Also, be sure to check out Premium Blend's Block I Concert this Sunday, October 3rd, for some all-female a cappella greatness.

And last but not least, we will be opening up for Ithacappella's Block I Concert, which is Friday, October 8th.


    About Us!

    IC VoiceStream is Ithaca College's premier coed a cappella group. We perform strictly contemporary pop and rock music and are generally awesome.


    3. 23. 2013
    ICVS Block THREE Concert! 
    7.30, Emerson Suites

    4. 27. 2013
    ICVS Block FOUR Concert! 
    Alumni Weekend/Senior Show
    7.30, Emerson Suites

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    Need to contact ICVS? Shoot us an e-mail at icvoicestream@gmail.com

    Board 2013

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    Vice President
    Kevin Cavanagh '15
    Music Director
    Matt Bailey-Adams '13

    Sara Sciarrino '15

    Namarah McCall '15

    Drew Zieff '14
    Social Media
    Dominique Saint Malo '16

    Robyn Schmitz '15
    Ethan Fletcher '16


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